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My UTAUloids List and Info

Hello everyone~ ^^
Its me... back to start writing for blog again. xD

Ah, btw Mizuki-chi Takamine is my currently alias name due my previous alias name being used for my first UTAU's name. ^__^"

Before I start, Utauloid is a free software which everyone can make their own voicebank like Vocaloid but the different between them is you can make your own voice by recording every single Japanese words into ".wav" format. You guys can find out more about UTAU in here : http://utau.wikia.com/ ^_^

There's many a lot of Utauloids (including mine too) that you can find in here.
Anyway, thats a short explanation about UTAU. Its first time doing this so I'm still need learn more about Utauloid from several voicebank which I did downloaded before.


Here's the info of Utauloids I working for :

 Mizuki Kurosaki 

Japanese : 黒崎 水樹 (Kurosaki Mizuki)
Type: Utauloid
Mode : NS-15
Voice Range : G#3 - D#5
Age : 18
Height : 169 cm
Weight : 49kg
Birthday : July 15th
Released Date : July 15th, 2014
Current Version: Mizuki Kurosaki FINALE

Mizuki Kurosaki is my very first Utauloid and until now her status still "WIP" due her short-sample duration (normally its 2-3s), her voice also still sounds sorta robotic a bit. I must say its quiet hard during first try. xD

Currently, I'm doing on-progress to re-take every single recording sample for her voice. Mizuki had a mid-high singing range.

Her very new voicebank will called "Mizuki Kurosaki REBORN" which is still a CV voicebank. The voicebank it self will be released around mid August 2014 (probably will released with Haruka Kuchiki ACT 2 in same time.)

In this new voicebank, her voice much more cleared and more long-voice sample. ^__^
As for her name, like I said before, is my previous alias name and my current cosplay stage name.

She is my high-picthed version of voice also its the same voice I use when doing fandub of Acchi Kocchi as Mayoi :3

The finale CV voicebank of Mizuki will uploaded around October 2014 along her first Append voicebank named Mizuki Kurosaki Append LIGHT.

Signature Song:

Burenai Ai De (ぶれないアイで,  lit: With An Unblurred Eye)


Haruka Kuchiki

Japanese : 朽木 はるか (Kuchiki Haruka)
Type: Utauloid
Mode : NS-14
Voice Range : E3 - F5
Age : 17
Height : 163 cm
Weight : 40kg
Birthday : January 14 (official)
Released Date : July 30th, 2014 
Current Version: ACT 4 / Finale

Haruka Kuchiki is my second Utauloid I created right after Mizuki Kurosaki ACT 3 been released, he has a 'trap' voice which makes everyone confused at first heard.

In her ACT 1, Haruka's voice is a little bit noise due several reason. His voice are suited for a soundtrack songs such like Let It Go (Frozen) but in japanese version also few Vocaloid songs like Leia and Orange.

On ACT 3, it was finally confirmed Haruka's real gender. Haruka is a boy but had 'trap' voice. Haruka's voice is my natural voice (without any high-pitched or low-pithced) but its nearly like a boy so... Haruka is a male utauloid (gotta inspired from Kagamine Len, which his voice-provider from a female voice-actress too. (I dunno her name XD))

Haruka's CV FINALE voicebank will uploaded around mid October 2014 along his first Append voicebank named Haruka Kuchiki Append DARK.

Signature Song: Coming Soon
Both Mizuki's and Haruka's last name are inspired from both main characters of Bleach, Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki.


Yuugi Takamine

Japanese : 高峰 遊戯 (Takamine Yūgi)
Type: Utauloid
Mode : NS-16
Voice Range : ?
Age : 15
Height : 153 cm
Weight : 42 kg
Birthday : ?
Released Date : ?
Current Version: ?

Yuugi is my third utauloid and will released soon. He represents my low-pitched or I must say his voice be quiet similiar with Yugi's English VA (maybe?). I will starts making his voicebank once Haruka's Append Dark and Mizuki's Append Light voicebanks are done.
 *the pics I used for Yuugi on this blog are not official, I will make his pics later. I didn't own the pics btw.

For more information and voicebank download link, you can check it out in here :

Thanks for your attention! Make sure to keep following for more update around them. ^^

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